A dream to realize A house to hold

Each link in building dreams will be completed by our entire,
professional team with sincere, attentire, concerned and full-hearted engagement to the best.
We create a high-quality construction both inside andoutside to satisfy dreamers pursuing exquisite life.
From land purchase → space plan → interior desigh → old-housing revonation
→ house restoration to asset managemcnt → land transation → estate agent
Fairview Manor's team will tailor a complete happiness for you.

Service items

Management of construction engineering、repair construction
Old home、Entire age housing、plan and design for the organization of Long Term Care
Commercial space、plan and desigh for container house Internationnal Trade
Proofing materials of fire, heat and sounds used Rock wool and Glass Cotton
(The sole agent in Taiwan and 11 Countries of Southeast Asia)


Building product

Rock wool
Rock wool insulation material of superior performance, is currently the only reached the national standard A1 noncombustible insulation materials, which belongs to the national advocate ergy-saving products; rock wool products with high temperature resistance, excellent sound insulation and sound absorption performance, widely used in building wall insulation, Guan Adobo temperature , agriculture , animal husbandry and soilless cultivation fields, has the good effect of energy saving and environmental protection.
(The sole agent in Taiwan and 11 Countries of Southeast Asia)



Annan day care center of Association of Taiwan People Social Welfare、day care center of Lauwulau home for the elderly Charity、Life Sciences Taiwan Ltd (office)、Yang's old house ONE2 TEA HOUSE、Xinhua old house reform…..(continue to add)